Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How can I find a credible Spell Caster?

In this article, I describe how to find the most reliable websites, where love spells are offered.

Let me start by seing  that there are many sites with the offer love spells and love rituals. Love spells are sold on fiverr.com too. In short, there are many sellers.

What to look for when comparing sites?

The first thing that is really worth checking out is since the website has been up and running. In this regard, I recommend you who.is. Just enter the domain address in the bar and you know when it was registered.

Why is it important? Certainly, a website that is at least 3-4 years old is more reliable than one that was created just a few months ago. Therefore, it is always worth checking this information.

Another important issue is  descriptions "About me". From what I noticed in "about me" everyone writes what they like, these messages are mostly not verified. Spell Caster may not be who it claims to be at all.

A great thing that adds credibility is running Facebook, Instagram by a Spell Caster. It is important that videos are posted regularly on these social media. If someone makes videos of his work with energies, it can be concluded that he has some credibility. That he is the person he claims to be on the site.

Another important point is whether Spell Caster is promising immediate results from his work. If yes- site is a scam. There are no 24-hour love spells. Likewise, do not believe notes on the "100% success guaranteed" pages. Even the use of the strongest love magic, by someone who has experience in it, does not guarantee 100% results.

Another point I want to point out is whether Spell Caster sends proof that spell has been performed. This is very important. Don't buy cat in the bag!!

Is it worth paying money just to receive an e-mail informing you that spells have been performed? Of course not!

If Spell Caster has really done a love spell, then he can take photos of his altar when finished. Importantly - the photo should show your data (name, date of birth, picture) that you sent to the Spell Caster so that he can perform spell for you.

Do not be fooled by Spell Casters explaining that they are not taking photos because this would interfere with their energy work during the ritual.

As I wrote before, photos can be taken right after the spells end. If Spell Caster doesn't sends any proof that a spell has been performed, 99.999% of them cheat on you.

What else to pay attention? In addition to the factors mentioned above, it is worth paying attention to the overall appearance of website. Check if there are articles about love magic, check descriptions of spells.

Scammers usually make simple pages with little text.

Summing up - what should a reliable website contain?

1. The website should exist for at least few years.

2. The page should indicate whether you will receive photos after completing the spells as proof that the spell was performed in your intention.

3. Check the general content of the page. By the content, you will be able to judge whether the website seems credible. Are photos taken from the internet? If so, it is bad. If photos are real, with a watermark, it is a sign of plausibility. Therefore a credible Spell Caster should put their own watermarked photos on website.

4.It would be great if Spell Caster ran Instagram, Facebook, where you could find more information about him.

5. Payments should be made in PayPal or other generally available payment system.

Watch out for sites that request payment by Western Union or Bitcoin. Such sites are not reliable!

Finally, I can say that although there are many sites that offer spells, love rituals, most of them are of poor quality. It's hard to find someone proven, reliable. I hope that this article will be helpful for you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Magical-rituals.com reviews

 Love spells are a form of magic used to attract or influence a person's feelings and emotions, usually in the realm of romantic relationships. Although the use of love spells can be controversial, there are various reasons why people may turn to them. In this article, we will explore the purposes of love spells and their potential effects on the people involved. Before delving into the purposes of love spells, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of magic. Magic is the use of supernatural powers and energies to create a desired outcome. Love spells are a type of magic that focuses on attracting love and affection towards the person who casts the spell. Typically, love spells involve the use of various ingredients, symbols and incantations to focus the energy of the universe towards the desired outcome.

The purposes of love spells can vary greatly, depending on the person and their intentions. Here are some of the most common reasons why people may use love spells:

Attracting a particular person
One of the most common purposes of love spells is to attract a specific person. These spells are often used when someone is deeply in love with someone who does not reciprocate their feelings. By casting a love spell, a person hopes to influence the feelings of the person they desire, making them more likely to fall in love with them.

Strengthening the relationship
Another reason people may use love spells is to strengthen an existing relationship. These spells are designed to deepen the bond between two people, making them more committed and passionate towards each other.

Getting your partner back
Sometimes people use love spells to reconnect with a lost love. These spells are often used when a couple has broken up or gone through a difficult time and one partner wants to rekindle the relationship.

Increasing self-confidence
Not all love spells focus on attracting love from others. Some spells are designed to increase self-love and confidence, which can have a positive impact on all areas of life, including relationships.

Relationship protection
Love spells can also be used to protect a relationship from external forces that could cause harm or lead to a break-up. These spells are often used when a couple faces challenges such as infidelity, jealousy or interference from others.

It is important to note that love spells can have both positive and negative effects on the people involved. On the one hand, a successful love spell can lead to a happy and fulfilling relationship, bringing two people closer together. However, love spells can also have unintended consequences and negative effects, especially if the spell is not cast correctly or with pure intentions.

Some potential negative effects of love spells include:

Love spells can lead to feelings of obsession and desperation, especially if the spell is not successful. This can be harmful to the person casting the spell, as well as the person they desire.

Love spells can be seen as a form of manipulation, as they involve influencing the emotions and feelings of another person without their consent. This can be particularly problematic if the spell is used to attract a person who is already in a committed relationship.


Love spells can backfire, leading to unintended consequences and negative outcomes. For example, a spell designed to attract a particular person can lead to the break-up of another relationship, causing pain and suffering for all involved.

Karmic consequence
Some people believe that love spells can have karmic consequences, meaning that the energy and intentions put into the spell will come back to the person casting it. This can be positive or negative, depending on the nature of the spell and the intentions behind it.

In this article, I am describing https://magical-rituals.com. Website was created in 2015. We find  offer of love spells, such as - egyptian love spell, love binding spell, the strongest love rite. What is very important - on the website we see real photos from the rituals. We also have information that we will receive photos after the end of the love spells.  

In my opinion, this is a very big plus. Prices range from $ 199- $ 449 

 Magical-rituals.com runs Instagram, and there are many articles about love magic. I think that this website is worth remembering. I am very curious about your review. If someone ordered a love spell from magical-rituals.com and want to share the effects, please comment.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Powervoodoospells.com reviews

In this post, I am describing powervoodoospells.com 

 Powervoodoospells.com is another website that lacks essential information. There is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed. There aren't prices for love spells. Only psychic reading prices are given. Of course, there aren't any articles about love magic.

For the sake of curiosity, I  add that this website has been in existence since 2019.  

In my opinion this is another untrustworthy spell caster. If anyone has used it and would like to share the effects, please comment.

Thebestlovespells.com reviews

In this article, I am describing thebestlovespells.com.
Spell offer is quite substantial - a few spells about love. Prices range from $ 249- $ 999 As with most of  websites, there is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed. This is a very big minus. Website has been operating since 2018.  
In my opinion, it's hard to say if this website is noteworthy. It exist relatively soon, there aren't many reviews on the internet. If anyone has used thebestlovespells.com services, please comment and share the results.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Voodoolovecenter.com reviews

In this text, I am describing voodoolovecenter.com

 On the voodoolovecenter.com, we only find a contact to spell caster and a listed list of rituals. We don't find any articles about magic or prices for rituals. Of course, there is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed.

The website has existed since 2017. As for me,  website doesn't inspire my trust at all. If someone has used voodoolovecenter.com services, please share the results.

Love-spell.org reviews

In this text, I am describing love-spell.org  

The website offer several love spells for $ 149-199. We can  read a few articles about love magic. We also have information that after spells are finished, we received photos of the ritual. In my opinion, this is very important information. The site has been in existence since 2016. 

 I think that love-spell.org is worth of attention. I am very curious if anyone has used the service of love-spell.org. Please comments.

Friday, June 26, 2020

drntutu.com reviews

In this text, I am describing drntutu.com 

 The website offer include love spells, psychic reading and Traditional Healer. On the main page there is a note "Individual results may vary"  

However, when we go to the "love spells"  and start reading, we quickly find a sentence that promises immediate results: "This effective tool is my get your ex back now spell that really works immediately."
This fact makes the Spell Caster can be considered to be unreliable.

Furthermore there is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed. There are  no articles other than those in which it advertises its service. In my opinion, website is completely not worth the attention. Personally, I strongly advise against using the services of Dr. Ntutu.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Africanvoodoospells.com reviews

In my opinion africanvoodoospells.com is another scam. 

 Please note the main page where we read: "Please feel free to get in touch and you will be 100% guaranteed and assured that your worries will be solved."  

However, when you click on the SERVICES subpage and start reading, you  quickly encounter the text "Disclaimer: You must be 18 years or older to use any of spell services provided by Elder Nana including psychic reading, No warranties or guarantees are expressed results may vary from person to person depending on the situation. "  

Of course,  website doesn't contain any articles other than advertising. Once again, I warn you against these types of websites.

indiantraditionalhealer.com reviews

The website indiantraditionalhealer.com provides its telephone number and contact form. 

 In my opinion, this is a scam. Why? Just read the note "100% guranteed solution" 

 I wrote earlier to stay away from such websites.

hassimastrologer.com reviews

In this article, I am describing hassimastrologer.com 
 In my opinion, this  is another scam. Why do I think so?  
Well, the first thing that catches the eye when enter the site is a note with a 100% guarantee. No reputable site promises 100% results. Adding to this the fact that the website doesn't find any articles about love magic and esotericism, only short entries advertising and  offer,  we get a website that can be called a scam. I strongly advise against using this website.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Aura cleansing - key information

Aura cleansing is a spiritual practice that is often used to remove negative energy and restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. There are many different ways to cleanse the aura, and one popular method is the use of spells. In this article, we will discuss what aura cleansing spells are, how they work and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to perform them.

What is an aura cleansing spell?
An aura cleansing spell is a type of ritual or incantation that is used to remove negative energy from your aura. The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body and is said to be influenced by your thoughts, emotions and experiences. Negative energy can build up in your aura over time, causing it to become unbalanced and leading to physical, mental and emotional health problems. An aura cleansing spell can help remove this negative energy, restore balance to the aura and promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Spells can be performed using a variety of tools, including candles, crystals, incense and herbs, and can be tailored to specific needs and intentions.

How do aura cleansing spells work?

Aura cleansing spells work by using the power of intention and energy to remove negative energy from the aura. When you perform an aura cleansing spell, you create a concentrated intention to remove any negative energy that may be present in your aura. This intention is then reinforced by the energy you put into the spell, as well as the energy of any tools or materials you may be using.

The energy that is created by the spell is then channeled into your aura, where it helps to break down and remove any negative energy that may be present. This can help restore balance to your aura and promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Performing an aura cleansing spell
If you are interested in performing an aura cleansing spell, here is a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Set your intention
Before you begin your spell, take some time to set your intention. Think about what you want to achieve with your spell and what negative energy you want to remove from your aura. Write down your intention on a piece of paper and keep it nearby throughout the spell.

Step 2: Choose your tools
Choose the tools you want to use for your spell. These can be candles, crystals, incense or herbs. You can also create a sacred space for your spell using items such as a white cloth, a bowl of water or a piece of jewellery.

Step 3: Clear your space
Before you begin your spell, take some time to clear your space. This can be done with a sage smudge stick, incense or salt water. This helps to remove any negative energy that may be present in your space and helps to create a clear and focused energy for your spell.

Step 4: Light your candles or incense.
Once your space is cleared, light your candles or incense sticks. These items help to create a sacred and focused energy for your spell, and can also help to promote relaxation and calm.

Step 5: Focus your energy
Take some time to focus your energy on your intention. Visualise negative energy leaving your body and your aura becoming brighter and more balanced. You can also repeat a mantra or incantation to help strengthen your intention.

Step 6: Use your tools
If you are using crystals, you may wish to hold them in your hands or place them on your body. If you are using herbs, you may want to burn them or make them into a tea to drink. Allow the energy of your tools to flow into your aura, helping to break down and remove any negativity.

Black and white magic

 Love spells can make what you are waiting for with great longing to happen in a moment. That's right, we're talking about the affection of your dream man. Some magic rituals can attract the love of a specific person, while others are used to lure the dreamed-of ideal, without giving a specific name. Spells for love were firmly rooted in the culture of the ancient Slavs, and many of them are still practiced today. Each of them conceals great power, so they should be used with caution.

What are love spells?

Love spells are one of the oldest magical practices, especially in Slavic culture. They used to be cast by whisperers and guleswomen, and herbal mixtures or twigs of certain plants were necessary to perform the spells. Today, love spells look different - they boil down to manifestations, i.e. a sequence of words spoken or written down on a piece of paper under certain circumstances (e.g. during the new and full moon). Love spells and incantations are white magic, that is, magic that allows to cause supernatural phenomena, but without the participation of devils, demons and any other impure forces. Its effect is weaker than black magic, but at least it has no side effects. It primarily serves to help others and spread goodness in general. Magic that is done at the expense of someone's harm cannot be described as white.

However, there is a very fine line between white and black magic. Even when we cast positive spells and perform good rituals, witchcraft will not be white if it is lined with evil intentions. Under no circumstances should love magic be used against men who are already happily married or who clearly have no affection for you. Interfering with someone else's will can cause a feeling of evil and artificial. Such a scenario is unlikely to produce the desired long-term results. Know that black magic is not selfless. It gives a lot, but wants payment for everything. Using impure magic practices, you can force someone to love you, but the price of the spell will be very high. You risk losing another important thing or a person close to you, which will leave a breach in your heart. Keep this in mind before you start performing serious spells.