Monday, April 26, 2021 reviews

 In this text, I warn you against

Please pay attention to a few sentences placed on the page- "Magic ring which booms your business within 48hrs" "Magic ring which bring back your riches and money within 4days (96hrs)" "All the spells listed here are guaranteed to work effectively 100 percent. Don’t accept any spells less than these. Feel free to browse around my website for any of my effective 100 percent working spells, Voodoo Spells and Traditional Healer services"

If someone writes something like that, it means that is a scamer. Don't be fooled by the promise of 100% effects !! reviews

 In this text I  describe

Another page that doesn’t meet the credibility criteria. The photos next to the offer descriptions are taken from the Internet. There is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed. Personally, I advise against using such websites. 

If you have used and want to share your opinion, please leave a comment. reviews

 In this text, I describe Another website that completely fails the credibility criteria. There is a basic offer of love spells. The spell prices haven’t been given. There are no articles about love magic. Honestly, I advise against using this website. reviews

 In this text, I describe

The website doesn’t seem credible. Only a short list of spells that can be ordered is included. There are no articles about love magic. Only a few Testimonials and contact. The spell prices haven’t been given. Creating such a site takes up to a few hours. I found this page through google ads, unfortunately most of the sites listed in google ads aren’t reliable. This one also doesn’t inspire trust. I advise against using the services of 

Of course, if someone has used it and wants to share your review, please comment. reviews

 In this text, I describe

The website offers love spells, money spells, black magic spells, lottery spells, marriage spells. Each of the spells is described. The offer is quite wide, but still the site doesn’t inspire confidence. First, there is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed.

Secondly, the photos we see on the website are taken from the Internet.

Thirdly, spell prices have not been given.

If someone has used the service of, please give review. reviews

 In this text, I wanted to warn you against

I found this page through google ads. My attention was drawn to the

Remember that it is not possible for a spell to work within 24 hours !! This is how scammers work !! Don’t be stupid and don’t use such websites. reviews

 In this text I describe

The website offers attraction love spells, love potions, divorce spells, marriage spells. Each of the spells is described in a few sentences. In my opinion, the site is unreliable. Articles about love magic are missing. The spell prices have not been given. Better not to use such sites and look for someone more credible. reviews

 In this text, I describe Another very simple page with little text. There are only 3 subpages here - Home, About, Contact. Spells prices not specified Honestly, the site looks totally unreliable. reviews

 In this text, I describe Another Spell Caster phone call. However, an e-mail address is also provided. The website includes the basic offer - love spell, money spell, career spell, etc. 

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t inspire my trust - spells are described only in 1-2 sentences, and there is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the spells have been performed.  Spells prices not given. 

The website doesn’t seem reliable. Personally, I advise against using such websites.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How can I find a credible Spell Caster?

In this article, I describe how to find the most reliable websites, where love spells are offered.

Let me start by seing  that there are many sites with the offer love spells and love rituals. Love spells are sold on too. In short, there are many sellers.

What to look for when comparing sites?

The first thing that is really worth checking out is since the website has been up and running. In this regard, I recommend you Just enter the domain address in the bar and you know when it was registered.

Why is it important? Certainly, a website that is at least 3-4 years old is more reliable than one that was created just a few months ago. Therefore, it is always worth checking this information.

Another important issue is  descriptions "About me". From what I noticed in "about me" everyone writes what they like, these messages are mostly not verified. Spell Caster may not be who it claims to be at all.

A great thing that adds credibility is running Facebook, Instagram by a Spell Caster. It is important that videos are posted regularly on these social media. If someone makes videos of his work with energies, it can be concluded that he has some credibility. That he is the person he claims to be on the site.

Another important point is whether Spell Caster is promising immediate results from his work. If yes- site is a scam. There are no 24-hour love spells. Likewise, do not believe notes on the "100% success guaranteed" pages. Even the use of the strongest love magic, by someone who has experience in it, does not guarantee 100% results.

Another point I want to point out is whether Spell Caster sends proof that spell has been performed. This is very important. Don't buy cat in the bag!!

Is it worth paying money just to receive an e-mail informing you that spells have been performed? Of course not!

If Spell Caster has really done a love spell, then he can take photos of his altar when finished. Importantly - the photo should show your data (name, date of birth, picture) that you sent to the Spell Caster so that he can perform spell for you.

Do not be fooled by Spell Casters explaining that they are not taking photos because this would interfere with their energy work during the ritual.

As I wrote before, photos can be taken right after the spells end. If Spell Caster doesn't sends any proof that a spell has been performed, 99.999% of them cheat on you.

What else to pay attention? In addition to the factors mentioned above, it is worth paying attention to the overall appearance of website. Check if there are articles about love magic, check descriptions of spells.

Scammers usually make simple pages with little text.

Summing up - what should a reliable website contain?

1. The website should exist for at least few years.

2. The page should indicate whether you will receive photos after completing the spells as proof that the spell was performed in your intention.

3. Check the general content of the page. By the content, you will be able to judge whether the website seems credible. Are photos taken from the internet? If so, it is bad. If photos are real, with a watermark, it is a sign of plausibility. Therefore a credible Spell Caster should put their own watermarked photos on website.

4.It would be great if Spell Caster ran Instagram, Facebook, where you could find more information about him.

5. Payments should be made in PayPal or other generally available payment system.

Watch out for sites that request payment by Western Union or Bitcoin. Such sites are not reliable!

Finally, I can say that although there are many sites that offer spells, love rituals, most of them are of poor quality. It's hard to find someone proven, reliable. I hope that this article will be helpful for you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 reviews


In this text, I am describing  has only a cover page where the spell caster  described himself and placed contact details. Website is completely untrustworthy. There is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed . There are no prices listed. There is no articles. Site was  launched at the end of 2020. 

For my part, I advise against. If anyone has used the services of this spell caster, please comment.

Sunday, November 22, 2020 reviews

 In this article, I am describing 

 I found the website by accident and decided to take a closer look. So, first of all, we  find there quite a lot of love spells. Not specified prices. There is no information as to whether we will receive any proof that the rituals have been performed. Moreover, the site was launched only a month ago, so it is completely untested. If someone ordered there, please comment and share the effects.